We have closed out this information in our market maker platform. The market has not moved past the take profit or the stop loss we have manually closed out the trade ending the it in profit due to time.

This information has been added to this log for transperancy and to show what MCC has done.

We entered using our market maker platform using the following information,

Long order –

entry:               6195

stop loss:          6100

take profit:       6287.5


The market moved past the entry point on 1/3/2019 and we closed out our position on 4/3/2019 giving MCC a profit equal to 23% of the original risk.

We have been watching this market very closely and way the market is moving it is showing us that there is not enough movement to reach it’s take profit this time. We therefore will be closing this information. As always the final decision to act on any information we supply is your decision and we recommend you seek financial advise prior to acting on this information.


As always please ensure you are well versed in our disclaimer and terms & conditions prior to utilising any information on this website and we reiterate we are not supplying you financial advise as outlined in our terms and conditions