Hello everyone,

MCC have successfully added 2 markets over the past month, The NASDAQ and the German 30 (the DAX).
We have also added high and lows in a longer cyclic analysis, which gives MCC buy and sell times for gold. There is no stop loss or price to buy the gold it is all based purely on time and whatever the price is at the correct time, when the low is in we buy, when the high is in we sell. We have now added silver to our portfolio of precious metals that we have the ability to give timing in buying and sell sliver.
We are now working on getting a market analysis which is, although not separate from the other world markets, but taking into account another part of the world. As such we are beginning to look at indices in the Asian region of the world. This will hopefully come on line in the next few weeks.

We are working as fast as we can to be able to give you as much information in the markets which hold an interest for you.

As always though prior to utilising any information from our website please ensure you are well versed with our disclaimer and terms & conditions.

MCC Team