We have closed our position in this market due to time. There is a possibility this market still has some more time to go short and as such more profit. There is also a distinct possibility that it could turn around and go long putting the position into a negative area. We have chosen to close our position but the choice as always, what you do with your position is yours to make.

Should you have any queries re this please do not hesitate to contact us on the details provided

This information has been added to this log to show what MCC has done and prove our record of success. We entered our market maker platform using the following information –.

Short order –

entry:               63.05 – closed out 9/5/2019

stop loss:          64.36 – (modified 8/5/2019) – closed out 9/5/2019



This market moved past  the entry point on the 26 / 4 / 2019. and was closed out at market on the 9/5/2019 giving MCC a profit of 35%


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