When we set out on this journey as novice traders looking for a way to subsidise our incomes without giving up the day job, we had hopes of finding a genuine organisation or expert that would teach us the basics of trading financial markets. We hoped to find a way of getting this trading information with a realistic and proven trading method or trading system which also showed all of the results from the trading method that was being used. We understood that all trading systems or trading methods will not work 100% of the time but we wanted one that will, in the longer term be profitable.

We were realistic enough to understand that we weren’t going to give up the day job and become multimillionaires overnight. We immersed ourselves in countless trading books, websites on trading methods, trading systems and courses over the years, covering topics from Dow Theory, Elliott-Wave, Gann, Fibonacci, Ichimoku and J M Hurst to name but a few, to learn as much as we could about trading and systems being used.

There are literally tens of thousands of self-proclaimed experts out there promising to share the secrets of their wealth and lead the average trader to financial freedom and unimaginable riches. These usually take the form of a free seminar or webinar, designed to hypnotise potential customers with pictures of sports cars, yachts and photographs of their directors living the high life. The reality is that customers who sign up and part with hard earned cash are charged extortionate prices for basic moving average cross-over trading systems available for free on the internet.

Others bombard you with spam emails promising to let you trade along with their trading systems if pay a massive premium before you have even earned a single dollar!

As the years went by we came to the realisation that trading was indeed as the saying goes “the hardest way to make an easy buck!” and that if we wanted a profitable trading system we were going to have to come up with it ourselves, and that’s exactly what we did and this website is the culmination of what we were looking for all those years ago.

The MCC system is the culmination of over 10 years of research and testing by the developers, bringing together all of the knowledge and tools acquired from the study of Dow Theory, technical indicators, Elliot-Wave, Fibonacci, Pivots Points, Gann and Hurst but to name a few to create our trading system. It uses technical analysis rather than fundamentals and as the name suggests, uses the cyclic movement of price in markets to place logical entries, profit targets and stop/losses.

The end product is, WE have created and tested, exactly what we were looking for all those years ago, with a difference to all the others we tried……it works!

We won’t teach it to you, share it with you as unlike all the other methods this one works, but we will supply the information from our system. We won’t make any false promises that every trade will be profitable, but the trades we place are published here in real-time for you to follow if you choose to, with an honest evaluation of every result.

Every single piece of information we post we also trade ourselves, this way we can follow the results that you, our customers are getting. On our blog we post every result positive or negative as we know over a longer term this trading method will work. We don’t shy away from failure as we have more success than failure and the overall results will speak for themselves. The trading system will succeed in the longer term and assist you, the most important part of our trading method, get to the goals you are seeking.